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Muay Thai Boxeo is of the most ancient martial arts, Muay Thai has since evolved. It’s no longer used exclusively by the Thai military. Instead, it’s become a popular fighting sport, drawing spectators from around the globe while MMA is modern day fighting sport which is mixed Muay Thai, Jiu jitsu and others Materials art to fight.

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How To Choose The Martial Art That Fits You

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The idea of paying money and getting beat up as a result could be considered straight-up robbery, depending on how you look at it. But, that’s exactly what you get by studying a martial art. Though, one could argue that the benefits more than make up for the investments

Top 10 MMA Camps in the World Today

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In MMA, to be the best, you just don’t have to beat them, you have to train with them as well. In line with that, here are the 10 best MMA camps, in no particular order, in the world today.

How Martial Arts Help Fill Humanities Most Basic Needs

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Martial arts may just be a form of self-defense for most people, but it seems that it’s good for much more than knowing how to defend one’s self.

Why You Should Start Focusing on the Basics in Martial Arts

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You’re looking from the sides and watching the more advanced practitioners do their thing. In your mind, what they are doing is easy and they’re actually trained enough to make it seem like so. For them, the maneuvers they’re pulling off are as easy as breathing or walking.

You’re Never Too Old To Start Training in Martial Arts

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Many think that they’re already too old to even think about taking up martial arts. Many believe that if you don’t start something while you’re still young, then you’ll never be good at it. But, with martial arts, that’s just not true.

What Martial Arts Can Teach You About Life

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Whenever I think of martial arts, I think of anime-inspired ninjas. I think of Mr. Miyaki from The Karate Kid and his “wax in, wax out” motto. I think of Jean-Claude Van Damme and his machochismo, as well as his fluid movements. I think of ..well, I think a

Getting The Most Out Of Your Alone Time During MMA Training

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When you’re weight training, there’s nothing that you cherish more than being alone in the gym. All that space to move around and train as you please is definitely a sight for sore eyes. But, in MMA training, the opposite is true.

5 Reasons Martial Arts Benefit Young Children

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Activities such as Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, WungShu, Muay Thai and other forms of martial arts are a great way for kids to learn more about fitness and focus. While it’s true many parents fear that violence is the only thing that they teach, the truth is quite the

4 Ways Your Martial Arts Training Can Change Your Life

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Martial arts training can change your life in so many ways. So many, in fact, that you’ll be forever thankful that you enrolled yourself in that school or gym. If you’re new to martial arts, you won’t see it right now. It’ll take months, or even years and decades

5 Cool Things You’ll Want To Know About MMA

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As MMA’s popularity continues to grow, it’s not surprising that the sport gains new fans almost every day. And, because it’s new, the popular sport is misunderstood by a lot of people, especially by those who think that the sport has still NOT moved on from its freakshow elements