5 Cool Things You’ll Want To Know About MMA

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As MMA’s popularity continues to grow, it’s not surprising that the sport gains new fans almost every day. And, because it’s new, the popular sport is misunderstood by a lot of people, especially by those who think that the sport has still NOT moved on from its freakshow elements back in its earlier years.


That being said and done, here are a few basic, yet undeniably cool things that you’ll want to know about MMA.

  1. The Importance of Handshakes and Hugs

Martial arts are known for requiring participants to show a sign of respect to one another before and after fights. MMA is no exception.

In MMA, there’s an unspoken rule about respecting each other and the sport that they love.

As a result of this, fighters always “shake hands and exchange” hugs before and after the fight. It’s also the reason fighters are known to joke around and laugh with each other before facing off or before the weigh in.

  1. Mixed Martial Arts Is Not The Same as UFC

Many often confuse UFC as the sport, where in fact, it’s MMA. Though, the confusion is not unwarranted as the Ultimate Fighting Championship, otherwise known as UFC, is the name of MMA’s premier organization.

If you ever hear someone say that they plan on training in UFC, politely correct and tell them the difference between the MMA (Sport) and the UFC (Organization).

  1. MMA Has Plenty of Rules

Contrary to popular belief, the MMA does have plenty of rules. This includes the size of the fighting area, judging, fouls, hand wrapping, and so on and so forth.

Be sure to read up on it if you plan on pursuing or training in MMA.

  1. The Design of the Cage

“The Octagon” in the UFC, or the cage is shaped like the octagon not because of aesthetics alone, but because it plays a part in the safety of the fighters.

If you read up on The Unified Rules of MMA, you’ll see that “the fighting canvas area shall be enclosed by a fence made of such material as will not allow a fighter to fall out or break through it onto the floor or spectators.”

Considering how the sport includes moves from wrestling, kick boxing, aikido, and so on and so forth, the design of the cage really does make sense when you think about it.

  1. Brains and Brawns

As “brutal” as their sport is, many MMA fighters are a combination of brains and brawns. While it may have taken them years to perfect their many disciplines, they got a head start early on as many of them actually had athletic scholarships that helped them earn a college degree.

This means that the “brutes”, as you may call them, of MMA are probably much smarter than you are.

Now that you know these five things, why don’t you do other people a favor and share it to them so that they TOO may know these cool things about MMA.

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