4 Ways Your Martial Arts Training Can Change Your Life

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Martial arts training can change your life in so many ways. So many, in fact, that you’ll be forever thankful that you enrolled yourself in that school or gym.

If you’re new to martial arts, you won’t see it right now. It’ll take months, or even years and decades for you to see just how valuable the many things you learn in your training are.


And, as you go on with your training, you’ll find your life changing, almost always, for the better.

How so?

  • You learn that everything is up to you. A rainy day at the office? Bring an umbrella and a coat. Sick? Take some medicine and go on with your day. Too sick to move? Rest because there’s still tomorrow. Dealing with financial problems? Put in the extra work. Fact is, life happens and you’ll definitely end up getting pulled in different directions. And, as you go on with your training, you learn that it’s up to you to make everything work, from your finances, to your training, etc.
  • Commitment and determination. Nothing speaks more of commitment and determination by investing in years and slowly progress to gain a black belt. And, even when that’s not your dream, martial arts will teach you how to commit and more importantly, how to have enough of determination to pull through.
  • It’s always about the journey. Hate Miley Cyrus as much as you want, but her song, “The Climb” makes perfect sense in more ways than you can imagine. In life, you have to learn that it’s not always about what’s waiting at the end of the road. It’s not always about that promotion, or that big raise. Yes, those things are good, but they’re only the results of the many things that you’ve learned along the way and the many people that helped you get there.

During your martial arts training, you may move up to a black belt, or you may even fight professionally and win a title belt. But, at the end of the day, they’re just things and the real reward lies in what you’ve learned throughout the journey, much like in life.

  • There’s no end. There’s a reason why it’s called a “life cycle” and it’s because it never ends. You may be down now, but life will find a way to roll you back up again sooner or later. This also applies to learning, as there’s just no end to learning and improving yourself.

For example, in martial arts, being a black belt doesn’t mean that you’re the best already and that you’ve learned everything that you can. No, that’s not it. Sometimes, that black belt is only the beginning of an even longer journey of learning and understanding.

Regardless of age, martial arts training is one of the best investments you could ever make for yourself.

Hopefully, these thoughts will help you get the most out of your training, or better yet, encourage you to take up martial arts.


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