You’re Never Too Old To Start Training in Martial Arts

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Many think that they’re already too old to even think about taking up martial arts. Many believe that if you don’t start something while you’re still young, then you’ll never be good at it. But, with martial arts, that’s just not true.


Martial arts may be a young man’s game, but that doesn’t mean that it’s beyond the reach of people who already of age. Take for example John Williams, an American-born fighter, who at the age of 70 became the oldest MMA fighter of all time to win a match.

Imagine that. 70 years old. Not many people live that long and even fewer are able to practice martial arts at that age and be able to compete. But John Williams did that and that means that you can do that too.

Sure, sure, you may never be able to compete professionally. You may never even hold a high rank in it, but that’s not the point. The point here is that if the only reason why you’re afraid of taking up a form of martial arts is because of your age, then that’s just not a perfectly good reason.

Age Is Just a Number

No matter how you put it, you will never be too old for martial arts training. You may be in your mid-thirties, forties, fifties, sixties and even seventies, and you’ll still make for a great student!

Mind you, it’s not like I’m the only one saying that. There are many studies that prove that there are far more adults these days that are enrolling themselves in martial arts training, a trend that’s only going to become much more popular as time goes by.

Add to this are the many studies that prove that martial arts training is beneficial for adults in so many ways and not just their health. For example, there are studies that prove that adults who devote time to train martial arts regularly are much less stressed and have fewer health problems than those that do not.

Sure, sure, you may feel discouraged that, in your first day of training, you did not do any good. But, don’t be quick to blame your age. Please, don’t be that hard on yourself. You’re only old, but your age is not the reason for that.

The reason why you’re not any good in any form of martial arts is not because you’re old, but rather, it’s because you haven’t practiced yet. Your brain and body just aren’t familiar with the movements associated with your training, much like when a baby is still learning how to walk.

Given time, your untrained body will adjust and you’ll eventually, as they say, get the hang of it.

So, don’t let your age stop you from learning martial arts. Yes, you regret not learning it when you were any younger, but you’ll definitely regret it even more if you let the chance pass by and not take up any form of martial arts at all!

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