Getting The Most Out Of Your Alone Time During MMA Training

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When you’re weight training, there’s nothing that you cherish more than being alone in the gym. All that space to move around and train as you please is definitely a sight for sore eyes. But, in MMA training, the opposite is true.

In MMA training, trying to go solo is like trying to cut your own hair. It’s hard and it’s definitely not something that everyone can do. Though, good news is that it is not impossible. Training alone at the gym is doable, just as cutting your own hair is.


The tips below should help you in cases that you find yourself alone during your MMA training.

  • Learn how to shadow box. Many beginners tend to forget that MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. They tend to put so much focus on their game that they neglect practicing their strikes. And, chances are, that has happened to you as well. Try to change that by putting a bit more emphasis on shadow boxing.

Remember, shadow boxing is the closest you can get from the actual thing, save from sparring. By trying hard to learn how to do it properly, you’ll notice a huge improvement in your ability to focus and concentrate. You’d also learn how to create scenarios in your head, play them out and prepare for each one, allowing you to be a bit more prepared and creative during matches.

  • Love the bags. The many bags used and available in your gym are your best friends when you’re alone, especially the heavy, punching bag.

Make the most out of your alone time by focusing on the heavy bag and working on your different combinations. As an added tip, try to keep your combinations simple and easy to execute. Sure, they may not look flashy, but they’re the ones that connect more often. Soon enough, pulling off such combinations will become second nature, whether during sparring matches, shadow boxing or the real thing itself.

  • Jump Rope. You won’t be striking all the time in MMA, but you’d be damned if you didn’t work on your feet. Remember, you have to be quick and agile too to avoid getting taken to the ground often. The best way to do this is to use a jump rope and apply what many boxers do to their training regimen.

While it is true that there’s no substitute to actually working on the mat and doing it with a sparring partner, it’s not impossible to train effectively while you’re alone. And, the tips given above should help you do just that.

Just remember that to make the most out of your alone time, you’ll want to take your training seriously, even when you’re alone.

Nobody may see you slacking off or not putting as much effort when you’re alone, but the results will show when you’re sparring with someone, doing drill work or when you’re in an actual match. So, it’s up to you if whether you want the results to be positive, or mostly negative.

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