4 Tips To Help You Spar Better in Martial Arts

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4 Tips To Help You Spar Better in Martial Arts

In any form of combat sport or martial art, sparring is and will always be the closest that you can get to the real thing. As such, it’s important that you learn how to do it properly and efficiently.

These proven tips below should help you learn what it is that you must do to spar better the next time you train!


  1. Calm Down and Relax

Stay relaxed and calm throughout the whole session. Remember, you spar to prepare yourself for the real thing and you’ll want to do the same in a real match.

More importantly, being quick to anger or overreacting will not do you any good and will just open up your defense to your opponent. It’s also quite frustrating to spar with someone who doesn’t know how to calm down in the middle of a fight.

Besides, as you remain calm, you also learn how to move through the motions and move fluidly inside the ring. This helps you preserve your stamina and control the tempo of the fight, or in this case, the sparring session.

  1. Don’t Overdo Things

During sparring sessions and even in real matches, you’ll want to keep your combinations nice and simple. Or, to put it simply, try not to overdo things.

Remember, there’s a reason why the most successful fighters aren’t too flashy with what they do inside the ring and it’s not because they lack style.

  1. Focus on the Little Things

You can go about your sparring session in a way that you’re breaking the different aspects of your styles down and focusing on the little ones.

For example, sparring using only your hands is a great way to improve your boxing skills. Or, perhaps, you can focus on grappling, or taking down your opponent, or whatever you want to focus on.

If you plan on doing this, though, be sure to talk with your sparring partner to make sure that the session goes smoothly.

  1. Set a Goal

Whether you want to pull off that roundhouse kick in a sparring patch, or pulling off a certain number of 3-hit combos, you’ll want to set even the loftiest goals in sparring.

This helps you keep your focus and is also one of the best ways to improve your skill, as well as your technique.

Be sure to talk to your coach before the session so he or she can give you a few tips and after so that you can be corrected for anything that you might have done wrong.

For newbies, it’s important to NOT think about sparring as a way to simulate a real fight. While that’s the point, approaching it like that won’t do you any good, not in your skill level, at the very least.

By keeping in mind the given tips above, you should be able to spar much more effectively and be able to get a lot more from each session as time goes by.

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