The Differences between an MMA Trainer and an MMA Coach

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The words trainer and coach are used interchangeably and no one really seems to care. But, the truth is that the two are rather different from one another, especially when it comes to MMA.


How so? Well, let’s take a look at how trainers and coaches are the same, yet also wildly different from one another.

  1. An MMA trainer gives instructions. An MMA coach will guide you.

Both are pretty much the same thing, right? Well, yes and no.

Giving instructions is like telling you what to see, while guiding you is telling you where to look. The latter is a much more efficient and personal way of learning, which is exactly what an MMA coach does.

  1. An MMA trainer teaches you his style. An MMA coach helps you find your own style.

An MMA trainer will try to teach you his or her own style. While they certainly are qualified to do so, you’ll only end up being an extension of them, which at times may not be such a good thing.

MMA coaches, however, will teach you analytical skills to help you find a style that’s best suited to your tastes and preferences.

  1. An MMA trainer watches you as you train. An MMA coach analyzes your every move.

Speaking of analytical skills, MMA coaches will be the first to tell you if what you’re doing is wrong, how to correct it and more importantly, how to improve it.

MMA trainers, on the other hand, are content with simply watching you as you train and correcting your mistakes, without even explaining how and why you made such a mistake.

  1. An MMA trainer teaches you as his student. An MMA coach guides you as an individual.

MMA trainers will teach you the very same way as they would everyone else, which works, but isn’t exactly all too effective.

Remember, each one of us is different, from physique, to physical condition, to tastes, preferences, and so on and so forth.

So while you may get something out of a more generalized training, you won’t really get the most out of it.

In contrast, MMA coaches will guide you as an individual and will actually take the time to learn what you prefer during your training. This way, you get the most out of your efforts and end up being the better fighter.

  1. An MMA trainer will do his or her job. An MMA coach will go the extra mile.

This is probably the biggest difference between the trainer and the coach.

True, both are effective, but if asked which you would prefer, would you go for someone who simply does his or her job? Or would you prefer someone who takes the initiative to do and accomplish more?

You already know the answer and I don’t need to tell you that.

While you still will improve under the tutelage of an MMA trainer, nothing beats the personal trainer you get from an MMA coach.

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