Things You’ll Want To Know Before Talking to an MMA Trainer

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Whether it’s your first time to take up martial arts, or you’ve been training for years in another discipline, the right instructor will have a huge influence on you – for better or for worse. The right teacher will teach you how to train efficiently, as well as how to improve your techniques. The wrong one, well, on top of the many negative things that could happen to you, could simply just end up wasting your time.


Before you start searching for an MMA trainer, however, you may want to know these things listed below first.

  • What do you expect from your MMA training? Take a long, hard look at yourself. Do some thinking first and try to answer the question. Is it for fitness? Or is it for self defense? Or, better yet, is it because you want to improve and be a professional fighter? Regardless of what your answer is, it’s important that you go find it first. The reason for this is that your whole personal philosophy will revolve around your answer to this simple, yet slightly complicated question.
  • Look for a trainer that meshes with your philosophy. The best gyms in the world will not help you one bit if their philosophy doesn’t go well with yours. It’s important that you train in and under people who value the things that are important to you because it’s the same things that are important to them as well.
  • Look at the trainer’s credentials and experience. In line with the trainer’s philosophy, you also want to make sure that you’re taken under the wing of an experienced mentor. Your training should be well-versed in many forms of martial arts, and not just one. After all, you’re training in MMA.
  • Take up free trial classes. Many MMA gyms offer free trial classes for those who are interested to partake or simply observe. Be sure to grab this chance to look at the gym and its facilities, as well as check out how the classes are run. You may not have a trained eye yet to spot all the small intricacies in MMA, but you should be able to judge whether or not the place is the right one for you just by observing the class.

Looking for the right MMA coach and gym is not easy. It will take a lot of time and effort on your part to visit each gym and look for the one that suits you best. More importantly, you also have to take a look at yourself first and make sure that you understand what it is you want out of your training.

Once you’ve done that, everything should fall right into place afterwards.

Remember, mixed martial arts training is more than just about self-defense. It’s also more than just a combat sport. It’s also about having fun, camaraderie, learning what your limits physically and mentally are, reaching out to people, teaching discipline, as well as self-respectand so much more!

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