How Martial Arts Help Fill Humanities Most Basic Needs

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Martial arts may just be a form of self-defense for most people, but it seems that it’s good for much more than knowing how to defend one’s self.


Read further down below to learn just how exactly Martial Arts is able to fill many of humanity’s most basic needs.

  • In martial arts, students always have a moment to shine. In fact, they’re encouraged to be in that “spotlight” so that they feel appreciated for all the hard work they’re putting in to. This spotlight may come in the form of a match, or simply by being one of the examples of a single technique for a lower class. Regardless of which, martial arts and its instructors know how to appreciate their students, as well as how to teach them to appreciate.
  • Humans crave routine, certainty and normalcy. Sure, it’s not always going to be the same, but a general structure always helps. In martial arts, students follow format addresses to the letter. The details may change from class to class, but the most basic structure will remain the same and students will find locate in that. For many, such normalcy and continuity may be the only constant things in their life.
  • We find comfort in being uncomfortable, or so they say. We have fun when we learn something new and in martial arts, we learn something new every day. It may differ from instructor to instructor, or from one art to another, but the point still remains. You learn something new every day and martial arts schools aren’t shy of changing things up from time to time.
  • Have you ever wondered why philanthropists do what they do? Why they don’t think twice about giving away much of their hard earned money for people they may barely know? Well, aside from the usual “ego boost” and “power trip” suspects, philanthropists are simply acting on human nature and that is, to address their need to contribute.

You may not be a millionaire or a philanthropist, but martial arts schools do provide opportunities for their students to help inside the gym, or outside of it. From sweeping the mat, to helping out during local disasters, to teaching the lower class, and so on and so forth, all of these can help YOU fill your need to contribute and help other people.

Humanities most basic needs are certainty, uncertainty or variety, significance, connection or love, growth and contribution, all of which are addressed and fulfilled by martial arts.

At its very core, martial arts are still a form of self-defense and may still be viewed as a form of violence. But, who’s to say that it’s not good for you?

Yes, martial arts may not be the first thing that comes into your mind when it comes to things that fulfill your most basic needs as a human, but you know what they say, the best things in life often come in the most unlikely packages.

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