5 Reasons Martial Arts Benefit Young Children

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Activities such as Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, WungShu, Muay Thai and other forms of martial arts are a great way for kids to learn more about fitness and focus. While it’s true many parents fear that violence is the only thing that they teach, the truth is quite the opposite. In fact, many parents who’ve enrolled their kids in martial arts classes have learned just how valuable it is as a learning tool.


If you’re a parent, then you’ll want to take a page out of their books and enroll your child in a martial arts gym or school as soon as possible. Preferably, in a class that’s also filled with other kids.

To further convince you that a martial arts class is a worthy investment for your child, here are five reasons why it’s going to make your kid any good.

  1. Increased activity and fitness. Youth sports and PE are great, but not all kids are gifted enough to be athletes while many schools don’t really offer much in PE. Even when they do, PE classes don’t happen every day. With martial arts, classes often happen twice or thrice a week and it is there where your teachings about staying fit is reinforced in your child’s mind.
  1. Self-confidence and respect. Martial arts schools will teach your kids that there’s nothing too tough or too big for them NOT to be able to deal with in life. They’ll also be taught how to respect people, whether they’re older or younger than they are. And, all of this will be taught to them by instilling a deep sense of self-knowledge to them.
  1. Resolving conflicts. Martial arts may teach you how to defend yourself, but it doesn’t always come in the form of physical altercations. Instead, many instructors will teach you just how words will only have as much power as you give them. That, in life, there’s no such thing as “fighting” words and that you can choose NOT to react to what people say to you.
  1. In life, the ability to breathe is key to staying calm when under the most utmost pressure. And, when trained early, children will be able to learn this valuable skill that will come in handy in their training and as they grow older in life. In and out of martial arts, breathing is useful and such a skill is something that they’ll be thankful many times for in the future.

Put it simply, any child can and will benefit from participating in any form of martial arts. It doesn’t even matter what form because honestly, any martial art will do them good, so long as the instructors are certified and reputable.

Speaking of instructors or coaches, be sure to pick those who plan on addressing the individual needs of your child and of the other students than one who just simply focuses on the program. This way, your child is monitored and left to develop on his or her own pace, which is crucial during the formative years.

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