Why Every Fighter Needs To Take Up Boxing

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Fighters who’ve never taken up a pair of boxing gloves ever in their entire lives will often think lightly of the sport. After all, for most people, it’s one-dimensional – it’s all about punching, no kicking, kneeing, elbowing, grabs, throws, etc.


Still, despite how “limited” of a combat sport boxing is, taking it up can actually benefit a fighter in far more ways than one can realize.

How so?

  1. Punching

Punching is all that boxers do and because of that, their punches are some of the most powerful in the word. So powerful, in fact, that a professional boxer’s fistis legally considered as deadly weapons.

Boxers don’t just learn one kind of punch too. Boxers have to learn a wide variety of them and learn how to pull each one off with the right kind of power and speed.

From straights, to hooks, to jabs, boxers learn how and when to use less powerful, but faster punches and when to throw out the haymakers.

As a fighter, learning how to utilize your fists in such a manner is definitely going to come in handy.

  1. Improved Reflexes

Again, because of how boxers utilize their fists all the time, they have to be in close range with each other at all times. While this may make it easier to land shots against one’s opponents, the same could also be said the other way around. This constant exposure to attacking and defending at the same time, usually improves a boxer’s reflex to the point that doing both are second nature to them.

  1. Efficiency and Artistry

In boxing, fighters learn how to avoid getting hit dozens of times in a row and all without even breaking a sweat. From slipping, to ducking, to rolling, and parrying, boxers are taught how to avoid getting hit at close proximity.

Psychologically, fighting someone who you can’t just seem to hit no matter how hard you try is intimidating.

Sure, the “untrained” may not see what’s going on as a fighter avoids all his opponent’s shots. But, for those who’ve taken up boxing, they see someone who makes constant on-the-fly adjustments and attacks, while defending.

This beauty, efficiency and artistry are somewhat unique to boxing and if applied in conjunction to other combat sports, could prove to be quite the deadly combination.

There still are far more reasons why fighters need to take up boxing and how they’re going to benefit greatly from it. But, the three stated above should be reason enough for any fighter to think of lacing up a pair of boxing gloves ASAP.

Regardless of your sport, whether you’re taking up BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai, Judo, and so on and so forth, boxing is something that you should cross train in.

Who knows, you may end up realizing that boxing is where your calling is and that you may decide to stick to it forever.

Still, even if not, boxing is a combat sport that’s more than well worth your time.

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