What You Need To Train in MMA

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To be able to train Mixed Martial Arts effectively, it’s best to invest in the right set of quality equipment. And, to help you with that, here’s a check list of some of the things that you’ll probably need throughout your training.


  • Hand wraps. You’ll be using hand wraps in each training session and you’ll want them to be clean and dry. It’s recommended to buy more than 2 so that you still have a spare when you wash the other and leave it out to dry.
  • 16 oz gloves. MMA experts have come to a conclusion that 16 oz gloves has the perfect combination of comfort and weight to be of the most use during training.
  • MMA shorts for training. Be sure to buy shorts that are comfortable to wear, as well as made of high quality material. They may be quite expensive, but they’re worth the investment. Also, make sure that you have an extra pair or two so that you’re always wearing a fresh pair every time you train. Remember, nobody wants to train or spar with someone who stinks.
  • Shin guards. Optional, but recommended for sparring because of how much you’ll be training your shin and how much of a beating it’s going to take. As always, clean it properly after each use.
  • Mouth guards. You should never ever participate in sparring sessions if you don’t have a mouth guard. Buy one, or better yet, have one customized so that it matches your teeth perfectly.
  • Groin guards. This is really important because you don’t ever want people to hit you between your legs, even by mistake.
  • Vests, rash guards and shirts. Wearing shirts, vests and rash guards help prevent skin-to-skin contact and should help prevent the spreading of certain bacteria, such as ringworm or staph.
  • Personal towel. ALWAYS HAVE ONE. You’ll never want to rent towels from the gym because you never know who used them before you.
  • Running shoes. Just to complete your whole attire.
  • Never forget to keep yourself hydrated from all of the training you do.
  • Preferably, go with the antibacterial ones since they provide the best protection against all sorts of bacteria and germs.
  • Mp3 players / Ipod. These are useful when you’re working on the bag on your own as it helps you completely lose yourself on the training at hand and helps you focus on whatever it is you’re doing.
  • Gym bag. You’ll want to fit all your things in a single bag and a gym bag should do the trick nicely. Be sure to buy one that’s not only big, but one that’s made of durable material so that it doesn’t break after continued use for years.

There you have it, all the equipment that you’ll be needing to train efficiently in Muay Thai.

Of course, aside from these things, you also have to have the determination and commitment to see your training through, because if not, then what’s the point, right?

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