Five Things To Look For In An MMA Gym

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So, you’ve decided that it’s finally time to dive into MMA and learn how to defend yourself. That’s great, for you. Training in MMA, while challenging, can prove to be quite a rewarding experience. But, that’s only IF you enroll yourself at the right gym.


To help you with that and to make sure that you don’t waste your time, here are five things that you’ll want to consider.

  1. Are the people there approachable / hospitable?

One thing that you’ll want to look for in an MMA gym is if they take care of their customers, or put it simply, if they’re approachable or hospitable.

Remember, they’re running a business and it’s expected that you have a lot of questions to ask. If the owner or head trainer is more than happy to give you a tour inside the gym, tell you what they have to offer and answer all your questions (and more), then take that as a sign that the gym values you as their potential customer.

  1. Certifications and Credentials

When it comes to MMA, you should only subject yourself to training under people (mainly, the head trainer) who have one or more of the following: Professional experience fighting in MMA; certification from a famous MMA school; a top-level competitor in Jiu-Jitsu or Muay Thai; or has spent years training in MMA already.

  1. Appearance

The best MMA schools and/or gyms aren’t necessarily the ones that look the best, but they do make sure that they’ve spent well enough to attract customers and/or clients.

If the gym you’re looking at falls short of any expectations you may have put and doesn’t look like much at all, then skip it.

  1. Versatility

This may feel like that this should go with No. 2, but versatility warrants special mention. This is because MMA gyms and schools aren’t cheap. And, since you’re going to spend money anyway, you might as well spend it on the most versatile ones, right?

So, be sure to check out if a gym and their trainers are qualified to teach more than just one discipline. Down the line, you won’t be regretting such a decision as it would make it easier for you to cross train in other disciplines.

  1. Trial Offers

The best gyms aren’t afraid to give free trials for people who are interested, so be sure to check them out by spending one day in their program.

This way, you’ll know how everything works there, how the trainer trains you and to some extent, you’ll learn if they’ve trained any pro MMA fighters before, or if any pro fighters are currently training there or are trainers there.

Choosing a legitimate MMA gym isn’t easy. It will take you some time. But, MMA gyms who’re going to make good use of your investment will easily check out from the points raised above. If they don’t, then be sure to get the hell out of there and look for another gym to spend your money on.

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