3 Valid Reasons Why MMA Fighters Should Train in Boxing

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Regardless of what you do, you’re bound to hit a big wall, or as what they call it, a plateau. And, for an athlete like you, a plateau is something that you never want to be in because it’s hard to break through it. But, instead of thinking of it negatively, why not think of a plateau as a way to inject some spice into your training regimen?


Taking up boxing is one way of doing so, even if it’s already part of MMA, one way or another.

To convince you of that, listed below are three perfectly valid reasons why, as an MMA fighter, you should train in Boxing.

  1. Footwork

Footwork is essential to succeed in any sport, whether it be MMA, boxing, basketball, etc. But, of all the sports, boxing is probably the only one that places heavy emphasis on the rapid movement of one’s feet.

In boxing, everything you do inside the ring stems from how well you’re able to move your feet. The better your footwork, the more agile you are and the harder it will be for your opponent to hit you. Even more important is that good footwork will allow you to properly set-up yourself for a better strike against your opponent.

Should you take up boxing, your striking in MMA will benefit greatly as you’ll learn how to position yourself to make sure that your punch hits the hardest.

  1. Feints

Boxing is as close combat as close combat sports get. Most of the time, boxers are at arm’s length with each other and because of this, they’ve mastered the art of feinting to the point that their straights look like a jab or the other way around.

As an MMA fighter, such a skill is going to come in handy. True, you won’t be throwing punches as much, but who says punches are the only ones you can feint?

By learning how to feint, you keep your opponents on their toes, too alert in fact that they probably won’t notice the other things you do while both of you are fighting.

  1. The Sweet Science

There’s a reason why boxing is often referred to as sweet science and it’s because of the technicality of the sport as a whole. Yes, the whole thing may not have started that way and even today, many people think that boxing is barbaric. But, as time passed by, fighters learned how to use their brains as much as their brawns, making boxers some of the smartest fighters in the world today.

By learning how to box, you learn some of strategies boxers use to outwit and outsmart their opponents.

You may not be in the level of professional boxers, but at the very least, you develop an eye for the smallest intricacies in boxing that will translate to how well you perform inside the octagon cage.

As an MMA fighter, boxing is not the only martial art that you can cross train with. There are plenty out there, but boxing may be the one sport that could teach you just what you’re missing from your game and how you can improve.

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