How To Prepare For Your First Fight in MMA

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If you’re preparing for your first ever fight in MMA, then good for you. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and a whole lot of courage to actually get off the sidelines and decide to duke it out inside the octagon.But, this being your first fight, you’re undoubtedly scared and you, most likely, don’t have any idea of what you have to do.


If that’s the case, then here are a few tips to help you prepare for your first bout.

  • Keep the pressure minimal. Treat the fight as you would a sparring session. No big deal. So, make sure that you don’t keep on posting about it and telling people. This is because the more that you tell people about your fight, the more pressure it will be for you and “outside pressure” like that is no good. So, do yourself a favor and tell only your closest friends about your first fight.
  • Make a checklist. Water, food, your gear, MP3 player, etc, the works. Make a list of everything that you need and check everything off so you don’t panic on fight day. Remember, you want everything to go smoothly and the best way to do is to come prepared by making a checklist.
  • Don’t judge. Don’t judge. Your opponent can look like the nerd you bullied back in high school, or he could be that guy who looks like he just got out of prison. Regardless of the two, you should approach your opponent the same way – with respect and humility.

Whatever your opponent looks like, know that he or she prepared for the fight as much as you did, or even more. So, respect them and their skills. But, don’t fear them, fear won’t do you good and will only inhibit your ability to fight them. Just show them the proper respect that they deserve and that’s that.

  • Enjoy the moment. Once it’s all said and done, it’s only going to be you and the moment after your fight. Of course, you’ll want to win, but that’s not always the case and you definitely should no let a loss get to you. But, how do you do that? It’s your first fight and you lost, so you’ll definitely feel down. Yes, true, but only if you don’t enjoy the moment.

So, make sure that you enjoy the moment because it won’t last forever. Take pride in the fact that you managed to make it through your first fight, especially if you’re conscious through it all.

Being able to muster up the courage to go inside the ring and fight is an achievement on its own and you should be proud of yourself. At the very least, you’re better than those who give in to their fears and let it get the best of them.

Sure, you’d like to win the fight, but if you lose, it doesn’t matter. You fought. That’s it. Instead of sulking, take it as motivation that you need to do better next time. And, if you win, let it motivate you to become even better so that you don’t lose in your next fight.

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