Things To Consider Before Thinking About Amateur Fighting in MMA

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Fighting in MMA is said to be inevitable, that, sooner or later, anyone who’s training in MMA is bound to land himself in the cage and fight someone else. This is regardless of whether or not they had first trained in MMA to fight or not.

If you ever find yourself in a spot where you’re somehow inclined to fight, do know that it is your right to decline and walk away.

After all, fighting is not for everybody.

Still, if you plan on fighting, be sure to consider these things first.


  1. Your intentions. Why are you fighting? That is a question that you’ll want to answer. Whether your answer is complex or simple, what’s important is you have one. This way, you have a desire to train and once you have that desire, everything will eventually fall into place.
  2. Your time. Another important factor is your time. After all, you’re not really paid to fight or at least, not much anyway. So, ask yourself, will your schedule allow you to train for a fight? If not, then take that as a sign that fighting may not be for you. But, if you can make ends meet and you’re really interested, then no one’s stopping you from pursuing a fight, even at least once.
  1. Yes, age is just a number, but with age also comes with responsibility. Chances are, the older you are, the more responsibilities you have. Between family and work, as well as training, it’s likely that you’ll have to give up one for the other. And, training for a fight is no joke, so your health also becomes a more major concern as you age as well.
  1. Your sparring performance. Sparring is the closest thing you can get from a real match and if you’re not doing well in them, chances are, you won’t do well in the ring. So, ask yourself, are you doing well in sparring? Or better yet, are you sparring with people who are significantly better than you are? Remember, fight training is different and you’ll want to be with the right people as you prepare for it. Having the right sparring partners should be of utmost priority.
  1. Your coach’s feedback. You have a coach for a reason and they’re there to coach you. They’re the ones who see you day-to-day, training your butt off and looking at what you have to improve on. So, they’re the ones who, most likely, will know if you’re even physically able to start fight training, or if you’re skilled enough to hold your own inside the octagon.

If your coach tells you that you’re in fighting condition, then that’s a good sign. But, if your coach tells you otherwise, you may want to listen.

If you’ve thought of these over and still have the desire to fight, then good for you! If not, well, don’t worry because you’ll have plenty of opportunities to improve to try your luck soon!

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