Is MMA Different From Kick Boxing?

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Maybe it’s because of the similar uniform? Or the similar stances? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because they somehow look the same? Well, whatever the case is, many people tend to confuse MMA over Kick Boxing and the other way around.


You can’t blame them, though. The similarities are uncanny – the strikes, the use of the fists, as well as feet are as common with Kick Boxers as in Mixed Martial Artists.

Unfortunately, that is where the similarities end.

Why so?

Well, let’s dissect each one first.

Kick boxing

Kick boxing is a modern Japanese combat sport, as well as another form of martial art. It’s about kicking and boxing, and while similar to Muay Thai, both are also quite different.

Currently, it’s practiced in two forms, the Japanese Kickboxing and the American one.

Derived from Karate, Muay Thai and Western Boxing, one could consider kick boxing as a hybrid martial art. And, as a sport, combatants are encouraged to use a wide repertoire of weapons at their disposa. From kicks, to elbow strikes, to knee strikes, to head butts and even punches, all of which are legal.

Think of kick boxing as Western Boxing, but only that aside just the fists, fighters are encouraged to use other parts of their body as well.

Still, despite the many available “weapons” to use, there are rules in Kickboxing, such as hitting below the waist being illegal.

As an art form, majority of Kick boxers are found in Japan, American and Thailand. Though, it’s become quite the global sport as there are people practicing it from around the globe.

Mixed Martial Arts

MMA, much like Kick boxing, is still a combat sport. But, unlike the latter, it’s full contact and has far less restrictions.

In Mixed Martial Arts, fighters are encouraged to use more than just their fists. They can still attack as a kick boxer, but many fighters are encouraged to employ both standing and ground type techniques to take down their opponent.

To put it simply, MMA matches are like a brawl in a way that you can pretty much do anything you want to take down your opponent. Though, it’s important to take note that the sport is not without rules.

Originally, the sport was promoted as a way to compete different forms of martial arts to find out which one was the most effective for real, unarmed combat situations. However, in recent years, the sport has grown in popularity to the point that many of its fighters have been able to make multi-million dollar careers out of fighting inside the “cage”.

So, what are the key points you can get from the difference between the two sports? Well, it’s that kick boxing is more of a combination of both western boxing and muaythai. While, on the other hand, Mixed Martial Arts is a sport that incorporates elements of different sort of styles and disciplines, included would be Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Wrestling, Judo and so on and so forth.

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