3 Ways To Help You Deal With Sore Neck Muscles After a Long Day of Training

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How To Train MMA Like a Beast!

The most successful MMA fighters in the world are some of the meanest and toughest athletes the world has ever seen. To win their fighters, they possess a wide range of abilities, many of which they’re highly skilled with. On top of that, they’re also fairly durable, have tons of stamina in their tank and are pretty powerful.


If you’re someone who aspires to step into the cage one day, or simply want to become a leaner and more “beastly” version of yourself, then here are a few training tips to help you with your MMA journey.

  • Focus on one discipline.

Plenty of people think that as long as you keep on kicking and punching a heavy bag for weeks, you’re going to get better. But, that’s not true. To be competitive, you have to take up one discipline first and master it. It’s up to you what martial art you prefer, but most people would go for Brazilian JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, or Taekwondo.

By focusing on one discipline, you learn the basics of martial arts and have built a foundation for your body and mind that should be able to withstand all that MMA training may throw at you.

  • Improve your endurance

To be successful inside the cage, you not only have to be able to throw a powerful punch, but you’ll also have to be able to throw it continuously. To put it simply, you need to be consistently powerful and that’s not easy to do.

You need to focus on your endurance training for your body to be able to perform explosive movements multiple times without tiring. Be warned, the training can be quite gruesome, but if you’re really determined, then that shouldn’t stop you.

A few examples of training that should improve your endurance would be weight training, circuit training and even something as simple as jogging.

  • Train your core.

The power of your punches, kicks, and other throws will all depend on how powerful your core is. This is the reason why many MMA fighters focus on their cores so much.

Mind you, it’s not all about doing thousands of crunches. It’s much more than that.

To know more about the right training for your core, be sure to ask your trainer.

  • Focus on strength, not aesthetics.

It’s no secret that plenty of MMA fighters look good, or mainly, their bodies do. But, they didn’t train for their bodies to look good. Rather, their bodies are simply the byproduct of their training where they focused not on aesthetics, but the strength and functionality of their bodies.

Ask your instructor for help on what weight training exercises are perfectly suited to help you improve the power of your punches, or your explosiveness in MMA.

This should go without saying that to train like a true MMA fighter is to put yourself under enormous pain. Though, remember, pain is only temporary and regret is forever.

Do also remember to focus on your diet as well.

As they say, only 30% of an MMA fighter is made inside the gym, the other 70% is made in the kitchen.

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