3 Things To Consider Before Cross TrainingMartial Arts

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No single martial art is perfect. Almost always, one discipline is going to give up a few things over another. And, while the few things that a style may give up for others may not be significant, some could end up being a significant short coming.5
To compensate for the things that a certain martial art lacks, one could choose to cross train in another. But, doing so is not that easy.
For starters, training in one martial art is hard enough as it is. Though, if you’re really determined to so, let not how hard doing so stop you.
Before you start cross training, though, you may want to consider these four things first.
1. The time you’ve spent in your primary style
Many people think that a few months in or even a year or two in their primary style is justification enough to try and train in another martial art.
If that is how you think, then you may want to consider investing more time.
Fact is, you’ll need at least five years to be mature enough to understand the merits of your primary martial art, as well as those of others. It also takes quite as long to learn all the intricacies of your primary martial art, and taking less would make you a mediocre practitioner at best.
Remember, mastering one art is better than “just knowing” the basics of two, three or even more.
2. Are you willing to start from scratch?
Sure, you’ve spent years training in your primary style, but that still doesn’t not make you any better in the new discipline you’re going to train in. You have to accept that each style is different, so you will definitely have to start from scratch.
Even if you’re a prodigy and even if you pick things up quick, you may even want to “impose” on yourself to approach a new style as if you knew nothing about martial arts.
Once you’ve “emptied your cup”, it’ll be easier to remain humble and to learn as much about the new art as you did before when you were new to martial arts. Albeit, you have a ready and able body by now, as well as a much sharper eye for detail.
3. Are you ready to learn as much as you can about the new art?
Remember your first day of training years ago? It seems like so long ago, but I’m sure you remember how willing you were to learn as much as you can. Like, you become a sponge for information or something.
Well, that’s exactly what you have to do know in cross training.
Sure, the new style may be different from what you’re used to, but who are you to say that it won’t benefit you?
Just learn as much as you can about the new art and train in it, at least, for a year.

3 Things To Consider Before Cross TrainingMartial Arts
After you’ve learned so much from it, only then can you ponder about what sort of techniques, as well as skills you can incorporate, as well as remove, to improve your primary style.
Cross training is not easy. It takes time, effort and most importantly, it takes one who’s willing to let go of ego, as well as pride, to start anew.
If and ever you’re not willing to do all of the three things listed above, you may want to reconsider cross training until you’re able to do so.

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