4 Reasons Why You Should Fight in MMA

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If someone has trained long enough in MMA and has become good enough, is that reason enough for them to take the next step and fight?

This topic is heavily debated among many MMA fighters, especially there are plenty who don’t train to fight.

Some will say that everyone who trains should fight, at least once, while many others will argue that fighting is best only for those who are truly willing.


To Fight or Not?

True, fighting isn’t for everyone, but the mindset is just wrong. Instead of telling people reasons why one shouldn’t fight, why not think of it the other way and come up with reasons why you should?

If you’re afraid of losing, that’s okay. Everybody loses. If you’re afraid of getting injured, your fears are warranted. Though, you may want to know that injuries are a part of MMA, whether or not you fight. Also, if you put it this way, you’re basically saying that fighting is how you get hurt in your sport, not how you get better and that mindset is just wrong.

Fighting, even if only for a few times, is something that you SHOULD do in order to make yourself better. Yes, you may NOT be training to fight, but you SHOULD be and here’s why.

  • You know you want it. Whether you admit or not, you’ve always visualized yourself inside that octagon and fighting someone. Every fighter does that, more so in MMA. And, if you really want to do it that bad, who’s stopping you?
  • It makes you better. The training for a fight alone is vastly different from regular training. It’s more intense, more rigorous and more targeted, the last part being so because it helps address the many issues in your game. And, as much as you love to simulate and visualize yourself fighting someone in the ring, there’s just no substitute to actually doing so.

When you fight, you learn how flawed your game is and how you need to improve overall. True, sparring does this too, but only at a minor fraction of how a real fight is going to do to you.

Put it simply, if you want to get better, you need to get inside the octagon and fight.

  • It’s a measuring stick. As has been said, fighting helps you learn how flawed your game is and how much you need to improve. It’s a measuring stick, of sorts, of how well you stack up against your competition. And, while not definitive, it’s a surefire way of knowing how good you really are.
  • It’s in man’s nature to compete. Man or woman, you have an innate desire to compete. It’s nature. It’s what makes us human and what led us to become the apex predators in today’s food chain. So, why stop nature from acting its course when you can go along with it?

Fighting many be gruesome and the training harsh, but it’s not without its merits. Instead of closing your mind totally from fighting, why not consider trying it out for once and see if it changes you in any way, how’s that?

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