4 Tips To Help You Get Started On Your Martial Arts Training

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With martial arts, you’re never too young or too old. You can be as old as 70 and you can still learn how to chop a wooden board. The same goes for kids, though I doubt that the wooden board would dent. But, that’s not the point. The point here is martial arts training is for everyone. The problem, though, is that plenty of people are hesitant about it.


Why so? There are plenty of reasons, but many of which could easily be solved if only you were in the right mindset.

If you’re someone, whether adult or teenager, who’s interested in taking up any form of Martial Arts, here are the five tips that should help you prepare yourself and get started.

  1. Remember, Age Is Just a Number

As cliché as this phrase may sound, it’s true. In martial arts, you’re never too old or too young, especially in the case of the former. Proof? Look up American-born fighter John Williams and you’ll see for yourself just how you’re never too old to take up any form of martial arts.

  1. Throw Away Your Ego

Many adults often feel like kids don’t have much to teach them. If you’re that sort of person, let go of that mentality, along with your ego.

In martial arts, you’re going to be taught from the ground up and be treated as if you know nothing. More importantly, your instructor may be half your age, or a bit younger than you, and that’s okay. Sure, it’s embarrassing to spar with someone younger than you and lose, but again, that is perfectly okay.

In training, remember that embarrassment is only temporary and will pass, what will not pass, however, is the skills that you’ve learned if you persevere with your training.

  1. Get a Personal Instructor

If money permits, you can get yourself a personal instructor and save yourself the trouble of having to practice with people who are way younger than you are. Though, this “approach” is not recommended because martial arts also emphasize camaraderie above all else.

Still, as a start, training with a personal instructor is better than nothing at all. That is, if you can actually afford one.

  1. Stretching and Flexibility

Chances are, you already know a few basic stretches and those certainly can help. But, in martial arts, you’re taught that stretching is as important as the training itself. Why? Because it helps you improve your flexibility and flexibility is key to getting the most out of your martial arts training, even if you don’t ever plan on fighting professionally.

Do also remember that stretching helps your body break past its current limits, making it stronger and less prone to injury.

Martial arts is for everybody. That’s it. Period. There’s just no arguing about that. Sure, no one is forcing you to take up classes anytime soon, but there’s just no way for you to come up with a perfectly good reason why YOU SHOULD NOT take up martial arts.

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