3 Reasons To Continue Your MMA Training in Thailand

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There’s a huge chance that you’ve been training in MMA for quite a while, maybe a few years. You may have even fought in one, two or even more amateur fights already. Put it simply, you’re pretty good by now. But, as good as you are right now, have you ever stopped to consider going to Thailand to further your training?If not, then you should consider going there. Why? Because it’s the birth place of Muay Thai, an art that you’d best learn if you really want to improve your strikes in MMA.


Then again, that alone may not be enough of a reason to convince you to literally “jump ship” and move to another country to train.

That said, here are 3 reasons why it’s a good idea for you to go to Thailand to further improve your MMA.

  1. Quality of training. By training there, you learn how much the sport is engraved within Thai Culture and more importantly, you get to fight and train with some of the best. Many of the trainers there are professional Muay Thai fighters, some of which having fought in dozens of battles, or even hundreds.

Between the quality of trainers, as well as sparring partners and the fact that the Thailand weather, although livable, is harsh to train in, you’ve toughened up and sharpened your skills in a relatively short period of time!

  1. The massage. The Thai Massage is famous for a reason and it’s because of the happy endings given at the, well, end. They’re also quite cheap, costing about $10 a session, which is really cheap when you consider how good you’re going to feel after.

If you’re worried about the “happy ending” part, don’t worry because you can decline. Or, you can also go to the more “upscale” massage parlors as they don’t offer such an “additional” service.

  1. Exploration and learning. Sometimes, what you need to improve is to be in a place that you never expected to be in. Though, it does help that Thailand is the motherland of Muay Thai, a sport that’s often confused with kickboxing and a sport that should greatly improve your striking in MMA.

Also, by training in Thailand, you get to learn a lot about Muay Thai than it being just a simple martial art or combat sport. It also doesn’t hurt that the scenery is great there as well, so you get a chance to relax in the tropics right after a grueling day of training.

Thailand is a great place to visit for a vacation and an even better place to train in. Sure, it may take a while for you to get used to the weather, but trust me, you’ll love it soon enough.

By going there to train, you get to go back to wherever country you’re from and bring back a lot more than just your sharpened skills in Muay Thai.

So, what are you waiting for? Go now!

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