How to Choose the Right Martial Arts Gym

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Finding the right martial arts gym is never easy. It takes time and a whole lot of effort to have to go through the “yellow pages” and visit each gym just to know if they’re well worth your time and money.

The good thing for you is that the tips below will help you with that.

So, be sure to read on for you to know how to choose the right martial arts gym before you start committing to it.


  1. Hospitable staff members. A good gym should have people who know what they’re doing working for them. You should know in your first visit alone as they’ll probably be the first to offer you to observe a class to see if it suits you or not. Even a simple greeting from their front desk is enough of a gesture alone to show you that the gym takes care of its clients.
  1. There’s no reason for you to be in a gym where your needs cannot be accommodated. Before even thinking of signing up, check if there’s enough information about the classes, as well as the instructors who’ll be teaching. This way, you can choose which class to attend and which coaches you’ll want to be under in as you train.
  1. They don’t need to be top of the line, but a good martial arts gym should have proper equipment. You may even want to check if the gym has a separate weight room in cases where you want to bulk up, or where you simply just want to weight train instead of train in martial arts.
  1. Quality instructors. Certifications and qualifications are always great as they tell you just how good the instructors and/or coaches are. Behind that, however, you’ll want to know they handle their classes and to see if it suits you.

As a way of measuring, try to check if they can control the class properly. A good sign is if the instructor can maintain the class’ focus and directed at honing particular skill sets and movements throughout the session. This is because instructors who train like this are the ones who actually prepared for it and as such, are the ones who care about the whole learning experience.

  1. The first time you observed a class, what do you see? Do you see students smiling? Along the hallway or path to the gym, do you see the students greeting each other and talking? Do you see them tired, yet satisfied? If you do, then that’s a good sign that you’ve found a good place to train in.

Remember, the community you train in plays a key role as a positive surrounding will help breed positive outcome. The opposite, well, let’s just not get into that at all.

The gym will eventually become your new home away from home, so good luck finding the right one.

If you’ve got any questions, suggestions, inquiries or comments, be sure to post them down below for people to discuss.

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